Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Workin' on out

It's working!

Two weeks ago Matt and I sat in the car in the parking lot of Academy Sports while I sobbed my sorry story about how no matter how much I tried in the past my efforts to have self-control with my food and exercise always failed. And I was really tired of failure.

Matt gave me one of his usual pep talks. Don't get me wrong, Matt gives great pep talks. I don't know what I'd do without his encouragement. He's so genuine and he usually knows just what I need to hear (which is also the truth, bonus). On this day I knew his pep talk would get me going out of this slump, but I'd need more than that to keep going enough to make a real change.

So I talked with God, who pretty much said, "You've got to actually work for it, Brooke. It's not just going to happen because of how much you want it. And you've got to change your attitude. You're letting yourself get trapped, sabotaged, taken out. Take captive those negative thoughts and stand up for yourself. Trust me."

Three days later I'd lost the first two pounds of this whole experience and half an inch from my waist. Now I've lost another pound and another half inch.

For four weeks I've been working (or as I like to call it "playing") out. I've divided it into two workouts a day, one strength and one cardio; about 4-5 each week. For two weeks I've been successfully managing my body's calorie balance. I've only had one day over my calorie goal (Um, we went to Texas Roadhouse. It was delicious and worth every bite; although, it did show me that even then there was no reason to stuff myself like I did. Who really needs three of those buttery rolls with honey butter? Sorry if I made your mouth water.)

Today I tried on a dress of mine and it fit the way it did when I bought it three years ago: "a little snug in the waist, but not anything a little running couldn't handle". I felt beautiful. I put on heels and earrings and pranced around the house for a few minutes, just feeling gorgeous - the way a woman should feel. Matt said he wanted to come hold me, but he was too sweaty from just coming back from a run. He, too, is working out now and feeling completely uplifted. It's great when our bodies start craving exercise instead of junk food!!

When I get down on myself I forget how wonderful it feels to be up, alive, encouraged. Why do we let ourselves feel anything less? Last weekend I realized I'm actually doing this! My body is looking better. I feel amazing. And I'm letting God sustain me. He's using this experience to just pour on the love. Praise Jesus!

Beth, I pray you are finding time to eat, pray, and love in all the right ways, too. Love you, dear! Oh, and we should watch the new Eat, Pray, Love movie when it comes out. The book was a little eccentric in some parts, but -hey- the movie does have Julia Roberts in it, so I'm sure it's good:)


  1. Alright, I'm jealous. I want to lose inches. How can I make that happen when I don't have time for two work outs in a day? Speak wisdom, friend! (The food thing will help, that's for sure. I am working on it; getting a little better.)

  2. but you just did two workouts in a day! i did one cardio and one strength, just like you...i just put the cardio in the morning and the strength in the afternoon. your way was probably even harder/better:)